Creation of Nature – Creator of the whole Universes


In this blog must know Who is the creator of the whole Universes – Creation of Nature

“Complete Creation of Nature” – Who is the creator of the whole Universes

(A Conclusive Description of “Creation of Nature from Sukshm Ved”)

When God loving souls will read the following "Creation of Nature" for the first time, they will feel that this is a baseless story. But on reading the evidence from all the holy scriptures, they will bite their forefingers in astonishment that where was this authentic nectar-like knowledge hidden untile now? Please keep reading with patience and keep this sacred knowledge safe. It will be useful for your next hundred and one generations. 

Holy souls! Kindly read the original knowledge of the creation of nature created by the SatyaNarayan (the Immortal God, that is, “SatPurush”).

Creator of the UniversesCreation of Nature

Creation of Nature
Who is the creator of the whole Universes ( Creation of Nature )

Who is the creator of the whole Universes – Creation of Nature

Puran Brahm: – In this Creation of Nture, StatPurush – Master (Lord) of Satlok, Alakh Purush – Master (Lord) of Anami/Akah Lok is only one Purna Brahm, who is the Eternal (Immortal) God in reality; who by acquiring different forms lives in all of His faur loks, and who is the controller of infinite brahmands.

ParBrahm: – He is the Master (Lord) of only seven sankh (700 quadrillion) brahmands. He is also known as Akshar Purush.. But in reality he as well as his brahmands are not eternal.

Brahm: – He is the Master (Lord) of only twenty-one brahmands. He is known by Kshar Purush, Jyoti Niranjan, and Kaal etc names. He and all of his brahmands are perishable.

(The evidence of the abovementioned three Purushs (Gods) is also in Shrimad Bhagavat Gita Chapter 15 Verses 16-17.)

4. Brahma: – Brahma is the eldest son of this Brahm only. Vishnu is the middle son and Shiv is the last, the third son. These three sons of Brahm are the masters (Lord) of only one department (guna) each in one brahmand and are perishable. For vivid description, please read the “Creation of Nature” metioned below.

{KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) has Himself given the knowledge of the nature created by HIm in Sukshm Ved, that is, Kabirbaani (Kabir Speech), which is as follows.}

In the beginning, there was only one place “Anami (Anamay) Lok; which is also known as Akah Lok. The Supreme God used to live alone in the Anami lok. The real name of that God is KavirDev, that is, God Kabir. All the souls were contained in the body of that Complete God. The title (of Position) of this very KavirDev is Anami Purush (Purush” means God. God has created man in His own image/form. That is why, a man is also known as “Purush”.) The brightness of one hair follicle of Anami Purush is more than the combined light of sankh suns.

Creation of Nature

Important: – For instance, the name of the body of a coutry’s Prime Minister is different, and the title of his position is “Prime Minister”. Many times, the Prime Minister also keeps many departments with him. Then whichever department’s documents he sighs, at that time he writes the same title. Like, if he signs the documents of Home Ministry, then he writes himself as the Home Minister. There the power of the signature of the same person is less. Likewise, there is difference in the brightness of God Kabir (KavirDev) in different loks.

Similarly, the Almighty KabirDev (Supreme God Kabir) created three other lower Loks (places) [Agam Lok, Alakh Lok & Satlok] with Shabd (word). This very Almighty KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) then appeared in Agam Lok and is also the Master of Agam lok and there His title (of the position) is Agam Purush, that is, Agam God. This Agam God’s human-like visible body is very bright. The brightness of whose one hair follicle is more than the combined light of Kharab suns.

This Complete God KavirDev (Kavir Dev = Supreme God Kabir) appeared in Alakh Lok and He Himself is also the Master of Alakh Lok, and the title (of the position) ‘Alakh Purush’ also belongs to this Supreme God only. This God’s human-like visible body is very effulgent, (swarjyoti) is self-illuminated. The brightnes of his one hair follicle is more than the light of arab suns.

This very Supreme God appeared in Satlok and He only is also the Master of Satlok. Therefore, His title (of the position) is SatPurush (the Immortal/Eternal God). He is also known as Akaalmurti – Shabd Swaroopi Ram – Purna Brahm – Param Akshar Brahm etc. This SatPurush KavirDev’s (God Kabir’s) human-like visible body is very bright whose one hair follilce’s brightness is more than the combined light of crore suns and moons.

This KavirDev (God Kabir), appearing in SatPurush form in Satlok and sitting there, first did other creation in Satlok.

Sixteen dweeps (islands)Creation of Nature

With one shabd (word), He created sixteen dweeps (islands). Then with sixteen shabds (words), He gave rise to sixteen sons. He created one Mansarover (a very big lake in Satlok) and filled it with nectar. The names of the sixteen sons are: – (1) “Kurm”, (2) “Gyani”, (3) “Vivek”, (4) “Tej”, (5) “Sahaj”, (6) “Santosh”, (7) “Surati”, (8) “Anand”, (9) “Kshma”, (10)”Nishkaam”, (11) “Jalrangi”, (12) “Achint”, (13) “Prem”, (14) “Dayaal”, (15) “Dhairya”, (16) “Yog Santayan” alias “Yogjit”.

SatPurush KavirDev entrusted the responsibility of the rest of the creation of Satlok to His son, Achint, and granted power,

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