Does Allah come to earth or not?


Hello readers, as we know, RAB, GOD, Allah, and God are all one, just called by different names by people, just like water, water, andneer water are all the same but some people by different names. says. In today’s blog, we will give some information related to the Muslim religion like whether Allah comes on earth or not? Will know about it.

Let us know whether Allah comes to earth or not?

Does Allah come to earth or not?
Does Allah come to earth or not?

The Ulama (scholars) of Muslim religion say that Allah Ta’ala never comes on the earth like a human. As stated in Shlok 7.8 of Adhyay 4 of the book Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta of Hinduism.

Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 7:- Yada yada hi dharmasya glanih bhavati bharatah. Abhyutthanam dharmasya tada atmanam srijami aham..7.   That is, O Bharat (Arjuna)! Whenever there is an increase in unrighteousness on the earth and there is a loss of righteousness, then I create my own part incarnation. They are born on earth.

Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 8:- Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam. ..8. That is, in order to save the sages and great men, to destroy those who do sinful deeds and to establish religion well, I create my incarnations.

We (Muslims) do not believe this. Muslim missionaries say that as an engineer made DVD Player. In order to understand it, he wrote the User Manual and gave it. Read the manual and play DVD player. Why will the engineer come? That is, the Supreme Soul (Allah) created human beings (men and women). Then the scriptures like Holy Quran, Bible (Tauret, Jaboor and Injil) Allah sent manuals. Read them and do your duty.

Know Does Allah come to earth or not? According to Sant Rampal Ji maharaj

Argument of Das (Rampal Das): – If the general public is not able to understand the manual and its DVD player does not work, then the engineer comes to explain the manual to him. Just as Allah Kabir had sent a manual in the form of a subtle Veda to Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan). It sent the incomplete knowledge of the subtle Vedas in the four Vedas, Gita, Quran, Jabur, Taurat and Injil, these four books etc. By not understanding the manual of that incomplete knowledge properly, people of all religions started doing sadhna against the scriptures, then Kader Allah i.e. the engineer had brought the manual of complete spiritual knowledge (micro-veda) and comes in ages. Good souls are found. Solves the confusion in their devotion. He tells them true spiritual knowledge. Then those saints renounce their wrong practices and attain salvation by doing true devotion.

{Surah of Quran Majeed: Al Hadid-57 verse no. In 26.27 the giver of Qur’anic knowledge has said that “the practice of Rehbaniyat (sannyasa) was invented by him (some of the seekers) himself. We didn’t make it mandatory for them. But he himself invented this new thing in the quest for the pleasure of Allah i.e. to meet God.” This is said for those Muslim mystics, to whom Allah comes as his own prophet and righteous souls get it. He gives them the correct and complete knowledge of the worship of Allah. Then they start doing that sadhna. They give up the practice of worship in their religion. People of his religion start opposing him. Because of which he used to retire. Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) confuses the people of each religion and tells them to worship contrary to their own religious texts. Keeps sending his messengers. Inspires to do penance. Inspires hard work. Sadhak starts doing that in the quest of attaining God. The Supreme God (Kader Allah) is available to them. Reality tells the method of chanting the easy name of worship (worship).}


for example:-

  1. Sheikh Farid ji used to practice the practice prevalent in Muslim religion earlier. Then an ascetic was doing wrong spiritual practice as told by the mystic. Allah Tala himself met them in the guise of Zinda Baba. Taught the method of true devotion. He was blessed. {Read about Sheikh Farid in the chapter al-Khijr (Al-Kabir) information on page 196.}
  2. Found Dharamdas ji (Bandhavgarh) who was firm on their devotion by considering Shri Ram, Shri Krishna (Shri Vishnu) and Shri Shiv ji as the Supreme God. Purna Brahm met Zinda Baba at a pilgrimage in the city of Mathura (India). Gave (his) information about that true owner. Taught the method of true sadhana. Dharamdas ji blessed human life by giving up his wrong belief and wrong practice by telling the true sadhana by God Kabir ji.
  3. Meet Dadu Das ji. Told him true devotion. He did them good.
  4. Swami Ramanand ji met Maharishi in the city of Kashi (India). When Allah Tala Kabir Ji stayed on earth for one hundred and twenty years to perform Leela. Swami Ramanand ji had not understood the incomplete Dandans i.e. the knowledge of all the four Vedas and Gita properly. was misinterpreted. Wrong sadhana was being done considering Shri Vishnu ji as the Supreme God. Samarth Parmeshwar Kabir ji explained to Swami Ramanand ji from Vedas and from Gita itself that if you believe that Gita is said by Shri Krishna, then in Gita Adhyay 2 Shlok 12, Adhyay 4 Shlok 5, Adhyay 10 Shlok 2, the giver of Gita knowledge will give birth to himself. Telling in the circle of death. He is perishable.
    In Gita Adhyay 2 Shlok 17, Adhyay 15 Shlok 17, Adhyay 18 Shlok 46, 61.62 and in Adhyay 8 Shlok 3, 8.10 and 20.22, I have told about the indestructible and complete salvation Supreme Akshar Brahm other than Himself and asked to take refuge in Him. .
    Swami Ramanand ji could not understand Vedas and Gita i.e. Dandans properly. In order to explain that Dandans properly, Allah Ta’ala, the creator of the universe, Kabir ji had to come to earth and tell all the spiritual knowledge (Sukshmveda). Then Swami Ramanand ji gave up the wrong practice of Hindu religion and got welfare done by doing true devotion.

Sant Garibdas Ji {Village-Chudani, District-Jhajjar, Haryana (India)} met Purna Brahm (Kabir) in the guise of a living Baba after walking from Satlok (Sanatan Param Dham) on earth. He took them up in the sky to the immortal world where Kader Allah resides. (Takht) sits on the throne. After making his witness, left it back in the body and gave true spiritual knowledge i.e. complete and correct Dandans which is written in the speech of Sant Garibdas ji i.e. immortal scripture.
On the basis of which this slave (writer) performs and gets all religious activities done.

In the Bible (which is a collection of three books namely Jabur, Taurat and Injil), there is evidence in Genesis chapter 26: 1.3 on page 30 that the Lord appeared to Isaac and said, “Do not go to Egypt. Stay in the country that I will tell you. I’ll be with you.”
In the Bible in Genesis chapter 17 on page 17, in “The Sign of the Covenant, Circumcision,” it is written in chapter 17 verses 1-2: – When Abram was ninety-nine years old, Jehovah (Lord) appeared to him and said, “I I am all powerful. Walk in my presence and be perfect.”

May Taimurlang be found on earth by Allah:– Taimurlang Muslim was very poor. His mother was very religious. She used to serve guests and saints and babas. Sometimes she herself was hungry. She used to feed roti to the guests and people on the way. One day it came like that there was a roti flour in the house. Mother made bread and took her to the forest for her son Taimurlang, who used to feed the sheep and goats of moneylenders. Mother herself remained hungry. Bread was taken for the son. When Taimurlang started eating food, at that very moment Allah (Kabir) Tala came disguised as a living monk and asked for bread. Said baby! I am hungry for many days. Asked for food from many people, no one gave it, life is about to die. {Taimurlang had the qualities of a mother. Good manners were acquired from the parents. The father had passed away.} Timurlang picked up the bread at the same time and gave it to the sage Baba.
Allah Tala Kabir ji ate the bread. drank water When Allah was eating the bread, both the mother and son prayed, O Baba! We are very poor. Give so much that we also do not remain hungry, neither guest Go hungry Applied many times. After eating the food, Allah dressed alive picked up a sankal (Bimpad) used in place of a rope to tie a cow, buffalo or goat to a peg or tree, which was kept near Taimurlang. Folded it three times and lovingly counted it in the waist of Taimurlang and struck seven. (Like one, two, three….seven.) Then kicked, punched.
Taimurlang’s mother thought that we have applied again and again, Baba got irritated. Annoyed he is beating the boy. Mai said, Oh my lord! O caste of Allah! What mistake did my son do? Excuse me is your child. Then the alive Veshdhari Baba said, Mai! Seven generations have been spared the secret of seven generations to your son. Those who have been kicked and punched, your kingdom will be divided into pieces after seven generations. Saying this Jinda Baba Roop Allah disappeared. Timurlang became the king in due course of time. India was also captured. Seven generations ruled Delhi from Timurlang to Aurangzeb. Then the kingdom was divided into pieces. History is also a witness.

When Nanak Ji found Allah (GOD)

Does Allah come to earth or not?
Allah comes to earth

Nanak Dev Ji (the originator of Sikhism) also got Allah Akbar (Parmeshwar Kabir). Shri Nanak Dev Ji, Shri Ramchandra, Shri Krishna i.e. were the supreme devotees of Vishnu. born in hinduism
happened. He used to read Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. Brajlal Pandey used to teach them Gita. Parmeshwar Kabir ji blesses him in the morning on Bai Darya near Sultanpur Lodhi town.
He met and gave the donation of complete spiritual knowledge. He took Sachkhand (Satlok) and left it back. After that Shri Nanak Dev ji gave up all the practices prevalent in Hindu religion.
Made life blessed by worshiping one God (Satpurush).

It is proved from the above evidence that Allah Taala Kabir is the creator of all on earth.
Travels like a human. True spiritual knowledge tells. case related to
In the chapter “Information of Al-Khizr (Al-Kabir)” page no. at 196
is written in detail
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