Who is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj


Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is a great Saint of the whole world. In this blog, we shall know Who is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj ?

Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj is the “Tatvadarshi Saint”
Or the “Baakhabar” about whom there’s a mention in Holy Gita and Holy Quran respectively. He’s the handiest one who presents genuine religious expertise free of cost and guarantees salvation. His speech is pious and divine are the teachings, that have transformed the lives of His disciples toward the exceptional.

sant ranpal ji maharaj

Who is Rampal Ji

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is a disciple of Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj and a preacher of Kabir Saheb’s everlasting information. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and His followers declare that He utters the scripture-based spiritual understanding to the people. He reminds people to consciousness on the actual cause of human existence by using adopting spiritual exercise in accordance with the Holy Vedas and Scriptures. He conjures up to comply with devotion as defined in Holy Bhagavad Gita 17:23 OM Tat Sat three mantras for achieving God, however the recitation is as described through the almighty Kabir Saheb. He bestowsNaam Diksha (Initiation) in three degrees to His disciples and asks them to follow positive regulations.

A seeker who takes Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and follows the training to strict adherence really achieves worldly joys and attains Salvation. He fulfills the criteria to be adjudged as an Enlightened Saint or a Satguru as described in Holy Bhagavad Gita 04:34 and 15:01-04 as He unfolds the mystery of human lifestyles. His disciples and He Himself follows the concepts of purity of heart and action, free from intoxication, corruption, dowry or different social evils. On different hand He motivates His disciples to serve His Satguru in addition to the society.

Records about Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj (Baba Rampal Ji) become born on eighth September, 1951 in Village Dhanana, Tehsil Gohana, District Sonipat, Haryana, India. His father’s name is Bhagat Nandram and the call of His mother is Bhagatmati Indrodevi. After He obtained a degree in Engineering, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj become appointed as a J.E. In the Irrigation department in Haryana authorities. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is married and has four youngsters (In truth, all of the souls, be it within the cover of a human or every other life shape, are Saint Rampal Ji’s youngsters and he’s doing tireless efforts constantly, to keep us from this mortal global).

sant rampal ji maharaj

Sant Rampal Ji spread true Spirituality

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj become of a spiritual nature considering the fact that His early life. Before coming underneath the refuge of Almighty God Kabir, Saint Rampal Ji used to worship Hanuman Ji, recited Hanuman Chalisa seven times each day and used to go to a
Famous Hanuman temple in Salasar
, District Churu, Rajasthan, India. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj used to worship Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna Ji and Khatu Shyam Ji as well. Even after doing so many worship practices with a natural heart, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj did no longer acquire any spiritual blessings and the search to acquire God remained intact. For that reason, He got here underneath the shelter of Almighty God Kabir and received the ultimate treasure, which could set our soul absolutely free.

What’s the age of Sant Rampal Ji

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj became born on 8th September 1951 in Village Dhanana, Tehsil Gohana, District Sonipat, Haryana, India. Hence, in the worldly view, he’s sixty nine years old at present (12 months 2021). Maintain analyzing in addition to recognize Saint Rampal Ji’s real age.

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