Why Celebrated Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas? Date & Story


Hello friends! You must have seen many yagyas, but today we will tell you about Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas, what is Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas? Why Celebrated Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas? And where and when will it be celebrated? so let’s know (Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj )

Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Why Celebrated Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas 2022

Why Celebrated Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas In English: About 600 years ago, Kabir Saheb Ji organized a huge Bhandara in which about 18 lakh people had done Bhandara. Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas will be celebrated in the holy presence of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to commemorate this. In which a huge Bhandara, a monolithic recitation of Amarvani of respected Saint Garib Das Ji Maharaj, will be organized. This event is being organized on 7-8-9 November 2022.

Sending false letters by Shekhtaki

Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas In English: Friends, you must have known about Kabir Saheb Ji. When Kabir saheb Ji came to Kashi i.e. Banaras, many kinds of tortures were inflicted on him. One of them was to conduct Bhandara to nine lakh people. Shekhtaki, the commander of the Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodi, sent false letters everywhere that Kabir Saheb ji was doing Bhandara. All the residents of the city are called and one gold coin will be given. This false letter was sent by Shekhtaki so that Kabir Saheb ji could be humiliated and hatred could be created in the minds of people towards him. But this did not happen

Vishal Bhandara by Kabir Saheb Ji

Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas Story In English: People from all over India, Rishis, Mandleshwar, etc., after receiving false letters and invitations from the religious gurus of fake Hindus and Muslims, came to perform Bhandara. Those conspirators had also sent an invitation to the emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, to provide food-Bhandara (langar) in Kashi Nagar under a well-planned trick. Thought that Alexander the king would come. No Bhandara will be found here. People must be abusing Kabir. There will be chaos. Kabir will run away. From the heart of the king, his glory will end. Shekhtaki, who was the religious pir (guru) of King Sikandar and was also a minister, was the head of this conspiracy.

When the king and Shekhtaki came to the Bhandara site, they saw that the langar was being held. Good food is being served. Dakshina is also being given. Kabir Ji Seth ki Jai is being called. The king asked the people present who were conducting the Bhandara. Got the answer that Kabir Seth is making a weaver. He hasn’t come yet. His servant is sitting in the front tent. He is arranging everything. King Sikander and Shekhtaki went to the tent. When asked about the introduction of that person, he told that my name is Keshav Banjara. Kabir is my turban-changed friend. His letter went to me asking you to bring some items for the Bhandara. Have a small Bhandara. I have appeared. Where is Kabir Ji? The king asked. Why didn’t they come? Keshav said that he is the owner. Would like to come sometime. His servant who is sitting. He himself is handling this arrangement sitting in the hut. They are divine.

King Sikandar rode on an elephant and reached Kabir’s hut. The door was closed. Opened it by requesting and said that after accepting the request of my heart, go with me to the Bhandara in the fair, then God said O king! Indecent jokes have been made with me. I am nurturing the family by weaving cloth. Eighteen lakh sadhus have come for the food-Bhandara. Bhandara for three days is written in the letter. Where do I feed? I can’t get out of the house. I will run away with my family at the night. O, king! These disguises have spoiled the work. A false letter has been sent in my name. My stomach doesn’t even fill up. My mother and father (mother and father) will be angry with me. No one even Seth (Shah) in Kashi Nagar lends to me because my income is low, I am poor. How can I accompany you to the place of Bhandara at the fair?

King Sikandar who was the emperor of Delhi, folded his hands and said, O Kabir! You are God (Allah). You have come in the form of a male. You are a Dayal (Dervish) saint. Kabir (Karam) had mercy. When he got up to walk, flowers started raining from the sky. Sikandar king made God Kabir sit on an elephant. Together, Ravidas Ji sat on an elephant with Kabir Ji as per the orders of Kabir Ji, while doing the ceremonial over his head. The king also sat with them on an elephant. Then after requesting Ravidas Ji, King Sikandar took the Chawar and started chasing Kabir Ji. Kabir himself became adorned with a beautiful crown on the head of God. The people of Kashi Puri were anxiously waiting to see God Kabir.

When he came to the Bhandara place, Keshav Roop came to his elephant and said, O Lord Kabir! Why did you bother to come here? Your servant who is present in service. Ignoring his words, the three took the elephant further to the fair where eighteen lakh persons were staying. It was a big fair. After roaming the market of Chapad, he came to Keshav. When Kabir Ji got down from the elephant and went to Keshav’s tent, the beautiful throne came automatically and a beautiful bed was laid on it. The diamonds around the bed became red. He felt like a Maharaja. On the other hand, it was the same for Keshav. To see Kabir Ji, all the sages and saints came and sat around, and the ones behind stood. God Kabir Ji held spiritual meetings with Keshav for twenty-four hours continuously and narrated philosophy. About one million disciples of those confused sadhus took initiation from Kabir Ji and made life successful.

◆ Read in Hindi: Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas [Hindi]: दिव्य धर्म यज्ञ दिवस क्या है कब मनाया जायेगा ?

aaya hai, aaya hai, banjaara kesho aaya hai. kaashee lyaaya maal apaara, kesho aaya hai.

khulya bhandaara gaib ka, bin chithee bin naam . gareebadaas mukta tule, dhany kesho bali jaav ..

Where is Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas celebrated?

Under the guidance of Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji, on the occasion of “Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas”, monolithic recitation of Amarvani, huge Bhandara and free name initiation of respected saint Garib Das Ji Maharaj will be organized on 7-8-9 November 2022. In which all of you are cordially invited along with the family. This Samagam is being celebrated at the following places

  • Satlok Ashram, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Satlok Ashram, Kurukshetra, Haryana.
  • Satlok Ashram, Dhuri, Punjab.
  • Satlok Ashram, Mundka Delhi.
  • Satlok Ashram, Rohtak, Haryana.
  • Satlok Ashram, Khamano, Punjab.
  • Satlok Ashram, Sojat, Rajasthan.
  • Satlok Ashram, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Satlok Ashram, Bhiwani, Haryana.

FAQ about Divya Dharm Yagya Diwas 2022 [English]

When is Divya Dharma Yagya Day?

Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas is being organized on 7-8-9 November 2022.

On which occasion Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas is being celebrated?

Divya Dharma Yagya Diwas (Karthik month, Shukla Paksha, Chaudas to Marg Shirsha, Krishna Paksha, Ekam) In Vikram Samvat 1570 (1513 CE), Parmeshwar Kabir ji held a huge three-day Bhandara in Kashi (Uttar Pradesh, India) in which 18 Lakhs of sadhus and saints had come. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is being celebrated in his honor.


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