Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat – Moral Stories in English


Hello friends, they say, “Sangat has an effect, just as your company will have the same qualities, that company can be good as well as bad.” Today we have brought a unique story for you, I hope you like this story. ( Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat – Moral Stories in English ) If you like it very much, then let’s start the story.

Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat - Moral Stories in English

Prayer for getting a son from a monk

Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat – Moral Stories in English: Once upon a time, a man lived in a village. He had been married for ten or twelve years. He had not had children. About two kilometers outside the same village. There was an ashram in the distance. A perfect saint lived in it. He used to bring alms from the village. He used to eat it for three-four or more days. One day he went to take alms from a house that had no children. Both men and women held their feet and prayed to the monk to get a son.

Sadhu blessed with a son

The monk said that there can be a child on one condition.

Men and women asked, tell me.

The monk said that the first son would be born. After two years I have to offer. I will make him my successor. Tell me if you agree. After that, there will be a girl. Then there will be a son.

Both accepted that condition. With the blessings of the sage, a son was born in the tenth month. When he was two years old, he was handed over to the monk. At that time the woman was pregnant again. She gave birth to a girl child. Then another son was born. Due to this the glory of the monk became more.

Boy go to alms

Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat – Moral Stories in English: Young girls were prohibited from entering that ashram. When the boy turned sixteen, one day Guru Ji developed a boil in his chest near his breast. Due to this, the sage started getting distraught due to pain. Make a herb and apply it to a boil. In four-five days, the boil burst and healed. Then the monk became normal. After a few days, the monk developed a fever. Due to weakness due to old age and fever, he was unable to walk. The monk had never sent that disciple to the village to take alms. Thinking that the young boy should not commit any mistake by sitting with the boys in the village and getting into bad company. There should be no motivation to get married. But on that day, being compelled, the sage told his disciple that son! Bring it by asking for alms and bring what you get from the fourth house on the first street in the village, don’t go ahead.

The boy went to the door of the same house as per Guruji’s orders and said, Alakh Niranjan! When a 14-year-old girl from that house came to the door to donate alms, the sage boy was looking intently at the girl’s chest. The girl saw that there was a flaw in the eyes of the monk. The girl said that Baba takes alms. The monk said, O Mai’s daughter! You have two boils on your chest. You come to the ashram. Guruji will cure your boils. Oh, my daughter! You must be in a lot of pain. My guru Ji was grieved by only one boil. Hearing this from the boy monk, the girl became more determined that this monk is not noble. The girl started speaking in a loud voice to get her mother and sister’s boils healed, insolent! I will show you. Saying this, the girl took off her shoes and said, go away from here, never come again. Hearing the noise, the girl’s mother also came to the door and asked her daughter! What’s up? The girl told the deed of that monk to the mother. Mother asked Baba Ji! Where have you come from? The boy monk told me that I have come from this ashram. My Guruji has become ill, unable to move. That’s why for the first time I was sent to bring alms. I am his disciple. I had asked this sister if you have two boils on her chest, you must be feeling very sad. My Guru ji had only one boil, he used to be troubled with pain day and night. They know medicine. You go to Guruji and get the boils cured. That sage boy was the son of the same woman who had offered the sage. That girl was the younger sister of that sadhu baba. Mother told that it is your brother who we have offered to the monk. It is saved from the bad things of the world. It doesn’t know anything. The fault that you felt, daughter, is not in your brother. He was speaking with a pure soul. You are threatened by thinking according to the mischief of the playful youths of the village.

Mai told Sadhu Ji! My daughter doesn’t have boils on her chest. They are milky, look! Like on my chest. Will marry it. This will give birth to a child. Then children will drink milk from these milkers. The sage child said, Oh my! When will it get married? When will she have a child? Mai told that sometime after three to four years we will get married. Then after two-three years, there will be a child.

The sage boy thought from a spiritual point of view that how much God is concerned about the child who is born. Arrangements have been made to drink milk only 7.8 years before his birth. Will he not arrange our food in the ashram? We gurus and disciples are sitting in the trust of that God. Stop begging after today. This
Thinking that Mai asked, Baba Ji! what are you worrying about? The monk said that my worry is over. Saying this, after throwing the bag with alms in the street, the ashram came empty-handed, then Guru Ji asked why did he not bring alms. Did someone snatch the bag? The boy told Guruji! When God makes arrangements for all the food before the child is born 7.8 years ago, is it in his ashram?
will not? Will definitely do that. So I threw myself in the jholi lane. The monk understood that this doodle came with a bag on the way that he would have to go for alms every day. The monk was compelled and did not say anything. Thought that tomorrow I myself would bring alms as soon as I was sad and happy.

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Arrangement of food by divine inspiration

Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat – Moral Stories in English: When the sage boy threw the bag and alms in the street and went to the ashram, God inspired some people in the city that Bade Baba was unwell. Somebody said something to the younger Baba, he left after throwing both the alms and the bag. The monk is hungry, the child will also be hungry. Considering this, prepared a good meal. After making kheer-pulka-lentils, he reached first with one and told the monk that Chhota Baba ji did not bring alms after getting angry at the behest of anyone. The alms came thrown. You
eat food The monk said that feed the child first. The boy said that first, the Guru will eat, then the disciple will eat. The monk started eating food. In the meantime, the second pudding-puri-chole came with. In this way, about ten people came to the ashram with the same thoughts as the village and took food. The disciple said, ‘Wow God! We didn’t know how good you were. That’s why worry about your name less food
lived more. The villagers tied the number that one day the food of the sadhus should be sent from one house. So did happen.

learning from story

Jaisi Sangat Vaisi Rangat – Moral Stories in English: He sees his fault in others. A devotee is incomplete without faith in God. Asking to eat is also against scripture, because if the devotion and feelings of the devotee are true, then God makes arrangements. But it is best to take food after doing household chores. The duty of a sage-saint is to do Satsang, to do devotion. If he does it with true faith, then there will be no need to ask for it.


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