The Story of a Seth and a Saint – English Stories


Hello friends, today we have brought a unique story for you. I hope you will like this story ( The Story of a Seth and Saint – English Stories ) very much. So let’s start the story

The Story of a Seth and a Saint - English Stories

Seth’s visit to the saint’s ashram – English stories

Once upon a time, a Seth went to the hermitage of a saint. He got good profit from the blessings of the saint. One day that Seth filled a big bag of some fruits like apples-oranges, and bananas and went to the saint and requested the saint to accept it. The saint put the bag of that fruit in a basket in which the fruit prasad was kept. When Seth went after two days, the crate was full of fruits. The saint distributed some Prasad to the devotees. Some devotees brought fruit prasad and put it in the container. Seeing this, Seth told the saint

Maharaj! Why don’t you eat fruit?

Saint said I see death. Therefore it is not eaten.

Seth asked,

Maharaj! When are you leaving the world?

The saint said I will die after forty years from today.

Seth said,

O, lord! Everyone has to die like this, then why be afraid? This also happened. In this way, even the common man is not scared. what are you talking about? Seth Ji came on the second or third day and talked about the same thing.

Saint sends Seth to jail – English story

The king of that city was also a devotee of that saint. The saint told the king that there is Kirori Mal Seth in your city. There is a sandalwood shop. Give him the death sentence and after a month keep Chandni Chadas as the day of execution. In the prison, Seth’s cell should be filled with a basket of fruits and a bottle of milk should be filled with one ser (kg). Giving kheer, pudding, poori, roti, and vegetables to food. The king obeyed the order. Seth Ji spent twenty days in jail. became weak. The saint went to jail. met each prisoner. Seeing Seth Ji, the saint asked,

Where do you belong to? what is your name?

Seth said,

O, lord! You did not recognize me, I am Kirori Mal, a sandalwood shop owner.

The saint said,

Hey Kirori Mal! How did you become weak? Do not eat or drink anything. Hey! The fruit basket is also full, the milk bottle is full. Halwa and kheer are placed in the plate.

Seth said,

O, lord! Has been sentenced to death. I swear that I am innocent. Save me, sir. I have small children.

The saint said,

Everyone has to die, brother. Then what to fear? Having fun eating and drinking.

Seth Ji took out his hands from the bars and grabbed the feet. spoke,

Save me, sir! Nothing was eaten or drank, Chandni Chadas Dikhai Sai.

The saint said,

Seth Kirori Mal! Just as today you see the moonlight and death is certain, similarly the sages and saints see their moonlight fourteen, even if it is after forty years.
You spiritually ignorant creature kills fun and sudden death takes away. Can’t do anything That’s how I see the day of my death which is to come after forty years. For this reason, food and drink are taken properly.

The fun never comes to mind. The remembrance of God remains. The blindfold of ignorance is tied on your eyes of knowledge, which is opened in Satsang, which gives a way to live. Salvation is attained. The saint acquitted Seth by asking the king
Gave. Seth got welfare done by taking his name.

learning from story

From this story, we get the education that in time we should do proper devotion to God i.e. God. They should always be remembered because there is no time for death, it can happen anytime. You should get your welfare done by taking initiation from a complete saint.

So friends, how did you like this story (The story of a Seth and a saint – English stories), please tell your opinion in the comment box, and visit our website to read more such stories, thank you.


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